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Some favorite dance segments, including interviews with Twyla Tharp and Christopher Wheeldon.

Robert Fairchild and Leanne Cope as Jerry and Lise in the Broadway adaptation of An American in Paris.

Angela Sterling

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Twyla Tharp is the most celebrated American choreographer working today, but that doesn’t mean she’s hoity-toity. In this episode, she talks with Kurt Andersen about choreographing “accessible” music by artists such as the Beach Boys, Billy Joel, and Frank Sinatra. How Yillah Natalie decided to become a belly dancer after seeing the video for U2’s “Mysterious Ways.”* A reporter has an illuminating—and awkward—talk with her parents about how they became obsessed with the sexiest of dances: the tango. A scientist takes up ballet in his 40s—and applies scientific principles to get better at it. And Christopher Wheeldon shares how he helped bring An American in Paris to the stage.

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Correction, Oct. 27, 2017: This article originally misspelled Yillah Natalie’s last name.