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Love Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump Impression? Here Is Some of It.

Fans of comedy, ribaldry, satire, and even drollery were in for a treat on Saturday night, when Saturday Night Live took on their biggest target yet: none other than Donald J. Trump, the president of the United States of America! President Trump was portrayed by a professional actor by the name of Alec Baldwin, who went to great lengths to mimic the president’s appearance, voice, gestures, and even smell, using every trick in the thespians’ trick book to transform himself into a presidential doppelgänger worthy of serving as a decoy during an assassination plot.


But Saturday Night Live audiences won’t have any trouble telling the real president from the fake one, because Baldwin’s version of Donald J. Trump is a real dum-dum! Whether he’s failing to explain his tax plan, telling Mike Pence (who is not really Mike Pence, but actor Beck Bennett) to leave sporting events early, or trying out jokes that would have bombed in the Catskills 50 years ago, this President Trump just can’t stop screwing everything up! Uh-oh! Everything’s topsy-turvy in this whimsical vision of America as a doomed kingdom ruled by a tyrannical fool—and we’ll bet it’s the funniest thing you’ve seen since Benny Hill ran around in circles! Here are just a few of the “gags” Baldwin pulls:

  • Sticking his lips out.
  • Pretending Mike Pence doesn’t like to hear the word “abort” in any context.
  • Sticking his lips out some more!
  • Calling Mike Pence inside a prominently branded Starbucks that presumably got NBC some of that sweet, sweet coffee-shop product-placement revenue.
  • Telling the old joke about marriage being between a man and a woman, then another woman, then another woman.
  • More lips.
  • Lips!

We may not make it through the next three years alive, but we’ll have plenty of laffs along the way.