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Stephen Colbert Made As Convincing a Westworld Host As He Made an Emmys Host

If you’ve missed Jeffrey Wright questioning naked robots in the long wait for Westworld’s second season, the Emmys have you covered. Stephen Colbert went from awards-show host to Westworld host when he started malfunctioning onstage midshow and was dragged away to one of the HBO show’s diagnostic facilities in one of the night’s sharpest and most well-written skits. “Do you know where you are, Stephen?” Wright asked him, in character as Bernard, looking over his glasses as ever. “An abandoned Apple store?” Colbert quipped.

The interrogation continued: Does Colbert ever doubt the nature of his reality? “Every day since Nov. 8,” Colbert nodded somberly. The skit even managed to let Colbert ask the question that’s been on every Westworld watcher’s mind: Why are the hosts always naked?

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt fans should also make sure they watch the video until the end, because it reveals another robot who’s been fooling Hollywood this whole time … kind of. (It’s Tituss Burgess in a tiny cowboy hat.)

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