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Watch Emmys Host Stephen Colbert Interview the Famous Statuette, Brought to Life by RuPaul

One of the rare bits at the Emmys that wasn’t all about Donald Trump featured host Stephen Colbert interviewing the Emmy statuette, which, thankfully, wasn’t portrayed one of those creepy Late Show cartoons. Instead, drag star RuPaul, who was also nominated on Sunday for RuPaul’s Drag Race, donned a gold dress, wings, and impeccable hairdo to play the part and gossip with the host backstage. “Honey, get out your china,” she warned. “’Cause I am ready to spill the tea.”


Spill the tea Emmy did, dishing about other famous award statuettes she knows, including Oscar (“I just couldn’t trust a man who’s naked and holding a sword, you know what I mean?”) and Tony (“I would [date him], but his husband gets so damn jealous”). But she played coy when it came to whether she’d be going home with fellow nominee Colbert for a tenth time—and, sure enough, he ended up losing to Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver.

She wrapped things up with some advice for all of the other nominees: “Listen up, if you win, own it, share it, love it. When you get up on that stage, don’t say you’re surprised how heavy I am, because that’s just plain rude. Okay?”

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