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Six Questions the Twin Peaks Finale Left Unanswered

Woke up like this.


On Sunday night, David Lynch and Mark Frost brought one of the greatest television shows in history to its chilling conclusion, jumping freely across decades and between dimensions to suggest that evil lingers, the past is a foreign country, and all our rational Encyclopedia Brown–style explanations are just so much noise in the face of the unending scream of terror and pain right under every placid surface. But viewers who were hoping Frost and Lynch would tie up the series’ loose ends into a nice little bow were undoubtedly disappointed by the finale, which left some of Twin Peaks’ most intriguing plot threads unresolved. Here are the most tantalizing, baffling questions Twin Peaks: The Return stubbornly refused to answer:

  1. How’s Annie?

  2. How’s Annie?

  3. How’s Annie?

  4. How’s Annie?

  5. How’s Annie?

  6. HOW’S ANNIE???

We’ve been puzzling over these Twin Peaks mysteries since we brushed our teeth this morning—and something tells us we’ll be chuckling about them for decades to come!

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