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The Honest Trailer for Point Break Is Here, Brah

On the occasion of the release of Detroit this week, Screen Junkies has given one of Kathryn Bigelow’s most beloved and stupidly fun films, Point Break, the Honest Trailer treatment.

The Honest Trailer doesn’t really make any jokes that haven’t been made about Point Break. To be fair, finding a fresh way to skewer an almost three decades-old movie about bank heists and surfboarding where half the characters end their sentences with “brah,” and features Gary Busey in a typically bonkers supporting role is extremely difficult. But while it does pick on low-hanging fruit, it also takes the time to hilariously hone in on just how homoerotic Point Break is, and how the first Fast and Furious movie really is almost beat-for-beat a rip-off of this ’90s classic.

If there is anything to really criticize this Honest Trailer for, it’s for reminding us that a terrible remake was made in 2015, which is a fact that this writer had spent a good amount of mental energy trying to forget about.