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David Lynch’s Comic-Con Intro Was Interrupted by an Invisible Horse

David Lynch didn’t make it to Twin Peaks’ Comic-Con panel, but he sent a custom-made introductory video in his stead, and Showtime has finally posted it online so you can watch it without waiting in a Hall H line for days.

Lynch is the only star of the video, unless you count the unseen person who accidentally walks out a fourth-story window, or the disembodied hand clutching “the last golf ball O.J. Simpson hit before going into prison,” or the horse (?) that’s allegedly running wild just behind the camera, all as the Twin Peaks theme fades in and out and he’s interrupted by waves of static and the occasional record scratch. (Tragically, there are no freeze frames, nor does Lynch, say, “Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation …”)

For a filmmaker who’s become associated with gnawing dread, the video is surprisingly goofy, and it suggests that avant–TV pioneer Ernie Kovacs may have made more of an impact on the young Lynch than has previously been suspected. It’s not exactly better than the new Twin Peaks, but it’s arguably funnier, and it’s definitely shorter.