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The Next Great Stephen Miller Impersonation Comes From … Pauly Shore?

There are two ways you can do an impersonation of Trump’s creepiest advisor. You can be lucky enough to bear an uncanny resemblance to the guy, like House of Cards actor Michael Kelly, who, as Vulture reports, is currently waging a semi-serious campaign to play Miller on Saturday Night Live:

Or you can go easy on the impersonation aspects—get the hairline right, add a few Mussolini air chops and you’re basically there—and instead, point out how absurd it is that we’re spending time, as a nation, listening to a talking forehead with white nationalist ties ramble about “the Statue of Liberty Law of the Land.” That’s the approach Encino Man star Pauly Shore takes in his latest Funny or Die skit, using Miller’s irrelevant Statue of Liberty trivia as a jumping off point for other facts about the statue that have nothing to do with Jim Acosta’s question about immigration policy. Like that time in the 1980s “when the Ghostbusters brought the Lady Liberty to life with the power of ectoplasm.”

Shore, like too many Trump critics, goes to the homophobic joke well a couple of times, giving Miller a lisp when he calls out Acosta’s “cosmopolitan biased ways,” and describing their relationship as a “bromance,” but on the whole, this is a solid impersonation that treats Miller’s debate team antics with all the respect they deserve. Is this the beginning of the Pauly Shorenaissance?