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The Daily Show: Ivanka’s Not a Feminist, She’s a Trump

The Daily Show’s Michelle Wolf went all-in on Ivanka Trump Wednesday night, tearing into her wholly-undeserved reputation as a moderating force on her father, who, in case you forgot, is currently the President of the United States. Ivanka’s hypocrisy isn’t exactly breaking news—here are a few Slate articles on that very topic—but there’s never a bad time to drag the Trump family, and Wolf does a sharp job of it, particularly when she highlights this sickening passage from Ivanka’s 2009 book The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life:

Sexual harassment is never acceptable, and we must stand against it. At the same time … learn to figure out when a hoot or a holler is indeed a form of harassment and when it’s merely a good-natured tease that you can give back in kind.

Besides the inherent hilarity in referring to sexual harassment as “a hoot or a holler,” this doesn’t seem like very good advice from Ivanka, particularly when dealing with Donald Trump. But Wolf would object to Ivanka’s brand of feminism even if her father weren’t the Grossest President in History. “She’s not trying to change the patriarchy, she’s telling women how to silently slide into it, like a DM,” Wolf observes, after showing how many of Ivanka’s tips boil down to “Don’t be poor.” That kind of fake feminism is not just an Ivanka Trump problem, and it will be worth hooting and hollering over long after these boneheads leave Washington for good.