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No Eclipse Glasses? No Problem. All You Really Need to Watch Is Your iPhone.

No glasses? Just put your phone in selfie mode.
No glasses? Just put your phone in selfie mode.

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No cereal boxes at work? Don’t want to put a colander on your head?

Since it’s 2017, this is all you really need to do:

1. Take out your iPhone.
2. Put it in selfie mode.
3. Pretend you’re taking a selfie with the eclipse.
4. Enjoy the eclipse.

But will this damage my iPhone?

According to both Apple and NASA (PDF), it won’t.

But will looking at the screen damage my eyesight?

It’s true that, as with any other reflective surface, you should be careful to avoid reflecting the light from the eclipse directly into your eyes. That said, according to NASA, you should be fine as long as you don’t look too long—think seconds, not minutes. (Even if you were to look directly at the eclipse, a quick peek wouldn’t actually hurt you.)

In other words, as with any event, you probably shouldn’t spend the whole time looking at your phone.