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Lorde May Have Been Too Sick to Sing at the VMAs, but She Wasn’t Too Sick to Dance Like Nobody Was Watching

Lorde may soon give Sia a run for her money: The Melodrama singer took the stage at Sunday night’s VMAs to perform a remix of her song “Homemade Dynamite,” but she surprised the audience by not singing or even lip-syncing. Instead, Lorde pranced around the stage as only Lorde can, performing a gleeful (and possibly interpretive) dance that involved crawling across the floor and being lifted into the air.

Lorde’s quirky dance style had social media users fishing for comparisons:

Lorde had tweeted earlier in the evening that she has the flu and even required an IV at some point, so she was probably trying to protect her voice by keeping silent. But for a self-described “corpse,” she looked incredibly lively up there.