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Great Hera! The Wonder Woman Sequel Gets a 2019 Release Date.

Gal Gadot will take up the headband and lasso again.

Warner Bros

Mark your calendars now for Dec. 13, 2019, because Warner Bros. has announced that that will be the release date for the Wonder Woman sequel, occupying a slot previously assigned to “an untitled film event.” The announcement is a major vote of confidence by the studio that the follow-up will be as much of a box office smash as Patty Jenkins’ original, since its release at the end of 2019 will put it in competition with another mystery DC film and the new James Bond, both coming out in November, and a still-untitled Masters of the Universe movie in December.

Not much is known about the proposed sequel, except that it will take place “sometime between 1917 and 2017” and will probably be set in the U.S. rather than Europe this time. Jenkins, who is penning the film’s treatment, is also in talks to return as director, while Gal Gadot has been confirmed to reprise her role as the titular hero.

Of course, you won’t have to wait until 2019 to see Diana of Themyscira in action again: Gal Gadot will take up the lasso and tiara again much sooner for Justice League, out Nov. 17.