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Here’s a Mashup of Ron Howard Narrating the Star Wars Trilogy, Arrested Development–Style

When it was first announced that Ron Howard (the filmmaker behind the greatest fantasy film of all time, Willow) would be taking over the director’s chair for the Han Solo spinoff, Twitter was flooded with Arrested Development narrator jokes. Now, thanks to Nerdist, we have an almost perfect mashup video in which Howard’s Arrested Developmenet narrator deadpans all over the original Star Wars trilogy.

The mashup, “Arrested Rebellion,” is spot-on in its carefully executed editing, placing Howard’s straight-faced scene-setting descriptors perfectly in line with some of the original Star Wars trilogy’s more confounding elements. (Darth Vader: “I am your father.” Luke: “That’s impossible!” Narrator: “It wasn’t.”) Unfortunately, “That’s why you always leave a note” somehow didn’t make it into this final cut.

Still, props to the folks over at Nerdist who put this together. Congratulations. You all have brought the Internet’s Han Solo/Arrested Development narrator bit to its logical conclusion. Now, I’m sure people will stop making those jokes.

Narrator: No, they won’t.