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Watch the Intense New Trailer for Taylor Sheridan’s Wind River, Starring Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner

The latest tense and snowy trailer for Wind River, the second directing credit for Taylor Sheridan (screenwriter behind the sleeper hits Sicario and Hell or High Water) has been released. Set in the isolated West River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, it follows a young FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) who teams up with the town’s game tracker (Jeremy Renner) to investigate a murder that uncovers the town’s dark underbelly.

Sheridan has a way of melding relevant human stories with taut neo-noir in a way few others can. Sicario wasn’t just about the drug war—it commented on the impact cynical nature of a war that imposes one country’s sense of justice on another’s. And Hell or High Water wasn’t just The Town set in “Trump’s America”—it was about the human costs of the mortgage crisis. Wind River looks no different, and, if some of the film’s excellent reviews from Cannes are to be believed, will be another Sheridan film that will put a satisfying end to this year’s summer movie season.

Wind River is set to release on Aug. 4.