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Stephen Colbert Apologizes to Eric Trump: “We Always Thought You Were the Dumb One”

It takes a big man to admit he was wrong, and on Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert became that man, issuing a moving apology to Eric Trump. “We always thought you were the dumb one,” Colbert told the president’s son during his monologue, in the wake of Donald Trump Jr.’s crazy Twitter confession Tuesday morning. “We were wrong.”

Colbert has always been known as the classiest late-night host, and this admission that he overrated Donald Trump Jr.’s intelligence further confirms that he’s the last true gentlemen. Here’s hoping Eric Trump accepts Colbert’s olive branch—or better yet, dreams up something even dumber than Don Jr.’s latest fiasco to prove Colbert wrong. He’ll have to go pretty far to out-stupid his brother, who just tweeted out evidence he committed a crime in an attempt to “own” reporters, but if there’s one thing the Trumps understand, it’s betting big on stupid.