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Someone Made a Drake and Game of Thrones Mashup Tape

Are you one of those people who obsessively watches the little-known show Game of Thrones, listens to “Marvin’s Room” while crying over your ex, and sometimes thinks, Damn, I wish there were some way to combine these two hobbies? Well, for better or worse, you’re in luck.

Tony K, a Detroit-based producer, is back with a mashup of some of Drake’s better songs and the music of Game of Thrones, called Views From the Throne because … well, it’s hard coming up with a good reason for why someone would do this, but it’s fun to listen to regardless. (Last year, Tony K engineered a similar GOT concoction but with Tupac tracks.) Most of the Drake cuts in this mashup are from his earlier work, and a lot of the tracks are hilariously good—the “Forever” and “Pound Cake” remixes in particular are standouts. If you were disappointed with the bloated Views and More Life, Views From the Throne will hold you down.

Check out “Forever” above, and stream the full tracklist here.