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Blue Ivy Freestyles on a New 4:44 Bonus Track

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Blue Ivy Carter is American royalty, and she’s officially made her debut on the rap scene on a bonus track on her dad’s newest album 4:44.

“Blue’s Freestyle/We Family”—one of three bonus tracks available on the album’s CD version—leaked just ahead of 4:44’s physical release and is available on non-Tidal digital playforms. One of the tracks, “ManyFacedGod,” features James Blake, while the other, “Adnis,” is the full version of the track heard in the ominous teaser videos that were released in the weeks leading up to 4:44.

For the past week, 4:44 and its corresponding videos were Tidal exclusives. You can now purchase the album on iTunes, Google Music, Amazon et al., stream it on Apple Music, and watch the music video for “The Story of O.J.” on YouTube.

News of the album’s release was overshadowed by 5-year-old Blue’s 45 seconds of going all the way in on “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family.” Truth be told, it’s sort of hard to hear what Blue’s actually saying, but it’s adorable, and she raps with an attitude that has echoes of her father’s. If you’re up for it, you can even follow along as the good folks at Rap Genius try to decipher the deeper meanings in Blue’s verse.

As you would imagine, the Twitter reactions to Blue’s debut were ecstatic.

Boom shakalaka, indeed, Blue.