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Let Strong Bad Teach You How to Draw a Ham Sandwich in This “Skills of an Artist” Video

“About suffering they were never wrong, the Old Masters …”

Mike and Matt Chapman/Twitter

Ah, the arts. Humanity’s record of our all-too-fleeting hopes and dreams, sent floating like paper lanterns into the river of time, a softly flickering message to future generations that we, too, once lived and breathed and loved. But in this benighted age, it seems like fewer and fewer of us even find time to ask the big questions art has always sought to address, much less seek to answer them in our own work. There are many causes for our ever-accelerating cultural decline—slashed education budgets, structural inequality, avocado toast—but there’s only one solution, at least on the individual level: buckling down and building the skills necessary to express oneself artistically, no matter what structural or cultural obstacles are thrown in the way by those who would bar the temple door from fear or ignorance.

To that end, here is a new video from the guys behind Homestar Runner in which Strong Bad teaches you how to draw a ham sandwich made from the entire head of a pig named “Oinkers”:

Simply sublime. Is there anything in the world more satisfying than basking in the glories of the pictorial arts, even if only for a few brief moments? Now here’s an ad for Viking River Cruises: