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Keegan-Michael Key Brings Back Luther, Obama’s Anger Translator, to Rant About Trump on The Late Show

Colbert has made it a point to ask almost every Late Show guest a question about politics and/or Trump, having discussed Sean Spicer with Allison Janney, Trump’s tweeting style with Twitter aficionado Ashton Kutcher, and an imaginary feud with Kellyanne Conway with Jessica Lange. It’s often amusing but can at times feel exhausting. However, on Tuesday night, we got a reprieve from the normal banter when the host talked Trump with guest Keegan-Michael Key. Naturally, the conversation segued into Key’s Key & Peele character Luther, Obama’s anger translator.


With Colbert reading some of the tame, vague statements the former president has made about his successor in the past couple of months, “Luther” sounded off on the health care bill and the proposed border wall. Responding to Trump’s comment that the border wall needs to be transparent, because people throw big bags of drugs over the wall: “What the fuck is that?! I’ve seen a lot of movies from the ’80s, and I ain’t seen NOBODY die from no damn head injury … And 60 pounds?! 60 pounds of drugs?! Who do y’all think throwing these things over the wall? I mean, what, you telling me John Cena got a Mexican cousin over there just chuckin’ bags?”

Tuesday night was the second time since the end of Key & Peele that Key has revived Luther. In January, both Key and Jordan Peele performed a sketch as Luther and Obama, respectively, on Trevor Noah’s Daily Show.