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Watch the Stunning First Trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water

For a couple of months after seeing Guillermo Del Toro’s haunting Pan’s Labyrinth, this author was scared of walking near trees. Now, if its first trailer is any indication, Del Toro’s upcoming film, The Shape of Water, will make me scared of the sight of a bathtub, making my life considerably more difficult.

The Cold War–era horror/romance film revolves around Elisa, a meek mute woman (Sally Hawkins) employed at a secret government facility that is housing an ancient, “intelligent” sea creature for experiments. The two form a special bond, but the higher-ups at the factory apparently have different plans for the animal. Octavia Spencer co-stars, along with a menacing Michael Shannon and unsurprisingly creepy Doug Jones (a frequent Del Toro collaborator) as the creature.

As is usual for a Del Toro film, it looks like an experience that will turn out to be whimsical, tender, and absolutely horrifying, all while looking just plain beautiful.

The Shape of Water is set for release on Dec. 8.