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Seth Rogen and Stephen Colbert Show Us the Best Way to Troll Donald Trump Jr.

Seth Rogen is no stranger to ruffling the feathers of those in power—see 2014’s The Interview and the ensuing threat to national security—so it’s not really a surprise when he told Stephen Colbert on Monday’s Late Show that he’s been trolling the president’s son for months.

Rogen told Colbert about how, a couple of months ago, he noticed that Donald Trump Jr. followed him on Twitter and immediately started quietly direct-messaging him, presumably as an act of service to the country, and because trolling the president’s son will never not be a fun thing to do.

“Hey man! It’s Seth. Your father is trying to discredit our media, collude with Russia, and destroy the environment,” reads one of the three DMs Rogen has sent. “It would be super cool of you to be like ‘yo, dad, why don’t you stop all this and go back to being just a guy on TV.’ The majority of the world would be pretty psyched. Thanks!!” Trump Jr., for whatever reason, hasn’t responded.

As it turns out, Trump Jr. also follows Colbert on Twitter, so Colbert decided to join in on the fun and shoot off a DM to the president’s son himself, asking him why he hasn’t responded to Rogen’s messages and if he’d be interested in getting high with Seth and him. Rogen, in turn, sent off another DM to Trump Jr., asking him to advise his father to quit.

Rogen seems to take a small ounce of joy over being able to troll Trump Jr. by sliding into his DMs. However, as the internet found out over the weekend, one person Rogen will not be DMing any time soon is comedy legend Rob Schneider.