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Watch Sesame Street’s Charming Orange Is the New Black Parody

Ahead of Orange Is the New Black’s Season 5 premiere, our friends over at Sesame Street have given us a G-rated and impressively spot-on parody to teach kids about healthy eating: “Orange Is the New Snack.”

The five-minute clip (presented by “Snackfix”) kicks off with a beat-by-beat take on Orange Is the New Black’s opening credits with revamped, kid-friendly lyrics (“Cookies are baked/ It’s time to feed/ But healthy foods are what we need/ And we’ve got time for snacks”). Unfortunately for those who bristle at Regina Spektor’s OITNB theme, the Sesame Street version still opens with a take on the show’s opening credits: “You’ve Got Time (for Snacks).”


The video goes on to introduce Sesame Street’s take on OITNB’s characters who, rather than serving time at Litchfield Penitentiary, are students at Litchfield Academy, which greatly reduces the possibility of a sitewide riot. Cheery new girl Piper Chapman is now Piper Snackman, “Crazy Eyes” is now Googly Eyes, and the unnamed Lorna-esque puppet has watered-down Christopher-centric delusions. Curiously, “Pornstache,” in a gross oversight, is still named “Pornstache.” Just kidding. “Pornstache” is now simply “Mr. Mustache.”

This isn’t the first time Sesame Street has made a charmingly accurate sendup of a popular TV show. In the past, the show has parodied Homeland (“Homelamb”), Downton Abbey (“Upside Downton Abbey”) and 30 Rock (“30 Rocks”), among others.