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John Boyega Is in Jeopardy in the Gripping New Trailer for Detroit

Kathryn Bigelow’s first feature-length movie in five years, Detroit, is shaping up to be just as intense as we’ve come to expect from her past work. Whereas the previous trailer for the film gave us a broader overview of what was happening during the 1967 Detroit riots, a new trailer focuses specifically on John Boyega’s character Melvin Dismukes, the security guard at the Algiers Motel, where members of the Detroit Police Department killed three black men and beat nine other people. In the trailer, we see Dismukes try to offer his version of events to the police, only to face intimidation and blackmail.

The very end of the trailer includes a surprise appearance by the real Dismukes, who offers a short explanation of how that scene went in real life: “I went down there to tell my side of the story, and then to get everything turned around and get charged with first-degree murder—it hurt.” Dismukes, as well as police officers and civilians involved in the riots, offer additional insight into the events in a featurette.

Detroit is in theaters Aug. 4.