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New Dunkirk Trailer Features Harrowing Action Sequences and Harry Styles

Another day, another gorgeous, haunting teaser for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. The acclaimed filmmaker’s upcoming World War II film continues to impress in the short snippets released in advance of its summer premiere, showcasing an impressive ensemble led by Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance and the keen eye of cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema (Interstellar). The film was shot exclusively with Imax 65 mm film and 65 mm large-format photography, so if you like what you’ve seen in Dunkirk’s trailers so far, you’ve much to look forward to.

The newest Dunkirk trailer—dubbed “official”—features more of Hans Zimmer’s unnerving ticking-clock score alongside plenty of startling new footage. Particularly, the sights of bombs falling from on high and soldiers frantically swimming back to land look, feel, and sound harrowingly realistic, with the sustained lack of dialogue helping to create such a tense atmosphere. And in case technical prowess isn’t your thing, Harry Styles makes his first major trailer appearance here, too. So there’s that.

Dunkirk hits theaters July 21.