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11 More Words Are Spoken in the Latest Twin Peaks Teaser Than in the Last One

The premiere of Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival is just 10 days away, and the network is still keeping any details about the plot extremely close to the chest. For instance, a teaser Showtime released a week ago was just 30 seconds long and contained a single line of dialogue: “Really.” Now, a new teaser released Thursday is almost double the length, and it’s—well, just as cryptic, actually, but at least this time we’ve been graced with a dozen words to overanalyze for the next week and a half: “Try me.” “He’s coming; I have to get off the phone.” “Albert!”

Albert, in this case, is FBI forensics whiz Albert Rosenfield, played by Miguel Ferrer, who died in January, making Twin Peaks his final TV appearance. There are a couple of other familiar faces to be found among the scant new footage too, including including Kimmy Robertson as secretary Lucy Moran and Mädchen Amick as waitress Shelly Johnson. Sure, it’s not much to go on. But we’ll take what we can get—at least, until May 21 arrives.

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