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Nicki Minaj Paid a Bunch of Fans’ College Bills on Twitter

Nicki Minaj attending the 2017 Met Gala.

Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Rapper Nicki Minaj decided to take on America’s student-loan–debt problem single-handedly on Saturday night, Vulture reports. After a fan jokingly asked her if she would pay his tuition, Minaj replied that she would, if he had straight A’s:

Naturally, straight-A students immediately called her bluff, tweeting requests for assistance at Minaj, but she apparently wasn’t bluffing; for about an hour, she promised lucky followers that she’d pay their educational expenses.

Eventually, however, Minaj’s one-woman scholarship program hit capacity, and Minaj stopped taking requests, promising to do it again in a few months:

It’s excellent that Minaj is using some of her wealth to help people who’ve been less fortunate; maybe this is the beginning of something like Dolly Parton’s Dollywood Foundation, which has systematically poured educational funding into her hometown of Sevierville, Tennessee. Even if it turns out to be a one-off, some people got the cost of their educations taken care of, and that’s all to the good. Still, like medical crowdfunding, this is another one of those heartwarming stories of Americans successfully begging on the internet for money to cover things the rest of the civilized world takes for granted. Tell us how that makes you feel in three emojis or less.