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The New Twin Peaks Teaser—With Actual Footage!—Is Extremely Cryptic. “Really.”

Details remain extremely sparse on Showtime’s upcoming Twin Peaks revival—which, you may have heard, we’re pretty excited about—but the network has finally debuted some new, bite-sized nuggets for fans to replay over and over, until the arrival of May 21. It consists of seconds-ong glimpses of the series’ beloved original characters, alive, 25 years later. Want to see Big Ed Hurley looking glum? Carl Dodd seated on a park bench? Sarah Palmer wandering through a grocery store? Deputy Andy Brennan stopped in the middle of the road? Agent Cooper himself, in the flesh? No longer can you be denied.

We’re a little more than two weeks out from its anticipated return, and so even teases as brief as this are enough to get us cheering. And that’s not even taking into account Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill’s utterance of “really”—an actual line of dialogue, which until now has been cruelly absent in Showtime’s promotional material. Yeah, it’s a (very) small thing. But we’ll take what we can get.