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Melissa McCarthy Treats a Delighted Mom to a Mother’s Day Tour of Saturday Night Live’s Backstage

It’s shaping up to be a terrible Mother’s Day for Sarah and Will, the children of a Saturday Night Live audience member named Joan: Host Melissa McCarthy hopelessly upstaged them Saturday night by picking their mother out of the audience for a madcap tour of the show’s backstage area. Joan, the lucky mom who got chosen, seemed absolutely delighted by the entire experience—which is great news for Joan but certain doom for her children, who have been left with the impossible task of following Melissa McCarthy on Mother’s Day.

Whatever Sarah and Will had planned for their mom, it probably didn’t include Alec Baldwin popping out of a changing room in full Trump getup to present her with a hat. Or a random, awkward encounter with a llama, or an equally random, equally awkward encounter with celebrity couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. And it’s unlikely their Mother’s Day gifts came with the opportunity to walk through the Saturday Night Live host’s door in front of a live television audience of millions. The only parts of Melissa McCarthy’s gift to their mom that Sarah and Will could hope to duplicate are the bottle of ketchup, the jar of foot cream, and the tequila shot—and without the other, Saturday Night Live–specific accoutrements, a bottle of ketchup, a jar of foot cream, and a shot of tequila are not really recommended Mother’s Day gifts. (The tequila, maybe.)

So this Mother’s Day, here’s to America’s mothers, yes, but also, here’s to Sarah and Will, who we sincerely hope had something to do with getting their mom tickets to Saturday Night Live. Otherwise, they’re in for a very long brunch.