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Jimmy Kimmel Fumes That Trump’s Comey Firing “Is the Kind of Thing Dictators Do”

Jimmy Kimmel may have made a political name for himself after giving a sensitive, personal, evenhanded speech on health care, but in the wake of Donald Trump’s shocking and disturbing firing of FBI Director James Comey, the late-night host wasn’t as interested in finding common ground. “He fired the director of the FBI while the director was investigating his people for possible collusion with Russia,” Kimmel explained. “This is unbelievable. This is the kind of thing dictators do—this is the kind of thing reality TV hosts do.”

Kimmel, who tends to be a little more apolitical than his late-night brethren, could only channel the shock and awe felt collectively across the country: “We’ve seen a lot of unusual stuff, but this is outrageous.” Kimmel was so perturbed, in fact, that he decided to “do something”—to not only take Comey’s side but show a little financial support. In the hours after Comey’s firing, it seems, Kimmel and his team put together some mock “Comey Is my Homey” T-shirts. His pitch is simple and, given where we are now, sufficiently persuasive: “[To] the millions of Americans who are angry about this shameful and disgraceful move: Send me $29.99.”