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Aziz Ansari Looks for Love and Italian Adventures in the Beautiful Master of None Season 2 Trailer

Tinged with some romantic Rome-flavored flair, the new Season 2 trailer for Master of None is split between Italy and New York, finding Dev (Aziz Ansari) reuniting with friends, introducing himself to new love interests, sulking on his couch, and continuing to explore the unknown with wide-eyed curiosity. It’s an immersive trailer that captures experiences—gorgeous shots of the countryside and intimate snippets of friends gathering—more than it reveals plot. And it’s exactly what fans of the show’s breakout first season could’ve hoped for.

This minute-long tease also re-introduces regulars played by Lena Waithe, Eric Wareheim, and Ansari’s own parents while showing off cameos from the likes of John Legend, Angela Bassett, and the great Bobby Cannavale. Will Dev find love again through all the disappointment? Could this be the greatest Italian pool party ever? We’ll be more than ready to find out when Season 2 drops May 12.