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The Culture Gabfest “Live From Washington, D.C.” Edition

Slate’s Culture Gabfest on The Fate of the Furious, Bob Dylan’s singing abilities, and the best movies about our nation’s capital.

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On this week’s Slate Culture Gabfest, the critics are live in D.C. for the very first time. First, they discuss the eighth installment in the “bicep-y” Fast and the Furious franchise and try to figure out what makes these movies so successful. Next, the Political Gabfest’s John Dickerson crosses over to debate Bob Dylan’s singing ability—and gives us an impromptu concert. Finally, Slate chief political correspondent Jamelle Bouie joins the conversation to discuss the best movies about Washington and their unending, if alarming, relevance.

We’re excited to be heading to Australia in May! We’ll be at the Sydney Writers Festival on May 27 and in Melbourne at the Wheeler Centre on May 31.

Links to some of the things we discussed this week:


Jamelle: The Flintstones by Mark Russell and Steve Pugh

John: I Can Hear It Now, Vol. 1 and 2, by Edward R. Murrow

Julia: The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson

Dana: Trav S.D.’s blog, Travalanche

Stephen: “Coming” by Philip Larkin

Intro: “Washington, D.C.” by the Magnetic Fields as performed by the Culture Gabfest

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