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John Waters Summer Camp Offers Opportunity to Celebrate John Waters, Summer, Camp

Everything’s coming up John Waters!

Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Pink Flamingos and Hairspray director John Waters is moving from the Susan Sontag kind of camp to the Allan Sherman kind, according to Variety. He’s hosting a weekend-long adult summer camp in Kent, Connecticut, from Sept. 22–24—a real camp, like with cabins around a lake, marshmallows over a fire, and hook-handed killers lurking in the woods! (But also with booze, air-conditioning, and elaborate meals, not to mention John Waters: adult summer camp.)

At a starting price of $499 plus alcohol, Camp John Waters is not for casual Waters fans (unless they are also really dedicated summer camp fans). But it looks like the 300 lucky campers who pony up are in for a much more hands-on experience than you’d get at Kamp Krusty. While some of the activities—the burlesque lessons, say or the bungee trampoline—are more about the spirit and/or corporate endorsement of Mr. Waters, many of them explicitly involve John Waters actually being there: “John Waters Performing a One-Man Show,” “John Waters Reading a John Waters Book,” and even “A John Waters Costume Contest – Judged by John Waters.” So if your budget line item for “Meet John Waters and get a signed copy of his book Make Trouble” is $500 or more this year, this is exactly the event for you. Just hope Waters lets someone else plan the menu.