Whitewashing Ghost in the Shell

Examining Asian representation and erasure onscreen with MTV News’ Inkoo Kang and Vulture’s Alex Jung.

Photo illustration by Slate. Paramount Pictures.

Photo illustration by Slate. Paramount Pictures.

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On this episode of Represent, Aisha Harris talks to Inkoo Kang of MTV News and Alex Jung of Vulture about Scarlett Johansson’s casting as The Major in Ghost in the Shell and the wider issue of Asian representation in Hollywood. But first, in our second installment of “Recognize,” producer Veralyn Williams makes the case for Big Little Lies, its inclusion of people of color where possible, and Nicole Kidman’s powerful performance as a domestic violence victim.


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( + ) Inkoo is loving the NBC sitcom Superstore, especially Nico Santos as Mateo, who is navigating being an undocumented worker. Alex humble-brags about his interview with Scandal’s Joe Morton and looks forward to a possible television reboot of the 1984 film Brother From Another Planet. And Aisha professes her love for Grace and Frankie, with a special shout-out for Season 4.

( ∆ ) Everyone agrees: It’s Ghost in the Shell.

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Producer: Veralyn Williams
Social media: Marissa Martinelli