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You Might Not Even Recognize a Transformed Ewan McGregor in This Teaser for Fargo Season 3

Ewan McGregor has two roles on the upcoming season of Fargo. He not only plays Emmit, the “Parking Lot King of Minnesota,” which is apparently a great thing to be, but also  Emmit’s brother Ray, a “balding, potbellied” parole officer who, it seems, envies his brother’s success in the world of pavement royalty. A new teaser for the show finally gives us our first look at one of McGregor’s characters, and it’s not the asphalt emperor, that’s for sure: McGregor’s transformation here is nothing short of remarkable, with stringy, receding hair, a paunch, and a mustache. All that’s missing? A Minnesota accent to match, which we’re sure we’ll be hearing before too long.


The clip also features Carrie Coon, who stars as a recently divorced police chief, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who’s a parolee, Ray’s girlfriend, and a passionate competitive bridge player. (Who knew there was such a thing?) The teasers for Fargo have been light on plot so far, but we do know that it is set in 2010 and that the rivalry between Ray and the Monarch of Sealcoating is key. And given the way those neon letters in diner flicker out, it’s safe to say it probably won’t end well.

Fargo premieres on FX April 19.