The Last Laugh Director Ferne Pearlstein

Exploring the history of Holocaust humor and the tricky art of telling taboo jokes.

Sarah Silverman in The Last Laugh.

Photo illustration by Slate. Still via Tangerine Entertainment/Journeyman Pictures.

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This week on Represent, Aisha Harris talks to director and cinematographer Ferne Pearlstein about her new documentary The Last Laugh, which explores the history of Holocaust humor. We discuss who’s allowed to tell Holocaust jokes, how survivors feel about them, and how to find comedy in taboo subjects. Also in this episode, Slate culture intern David Canfield comes on the show to discuss ABC’s four-part gay rights miniseries When We Rise.

The Last Laugh is currently in theaters. Check for a theater near you.

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The Plusses and Deltas for this week:

( + ) Aisha celebrates black audiences watching Get Out. David picks the Showtime series Billions for introducing the first gender-nonconforming character on an American prime-time series, played by Asia Kate Dillon.

( ∆ ) Aisha is not a fan of Armond White’s review of Get Out in the National Review but encourages others to read it to exit their “bubble.” David laments the recent cancelations of USA’s Eyewitness and CBS’s Doubt, which both included strong LGBTQ characters.

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