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Kristen Stewart Addresses Donald Trump’s Twitter Obsession (and Drops an F-Bomb) on Saturday Night Live

Kristen Stewart started her Saturday Night Live hosting spot with a bang this week, addressing Donald Trump’s bizarre Twitter obsession with her (and Robert Pattinson) before treating East Coast viewers to an unbleeped fuck. Weirdly, those two events were unrelated—she managed to make it through an entire conversation about Trump without even hitting PG-13, despite the fact that the current leader of the free world had this to say about her (in a tweet that should be his official presidential portrait):

“The president is not a huge fan of me,” Stewart concluded, after looking at the Twitter record. “But that is so OK. And Donald, if you didn’t like me then, you’re really probably not going to like me now, because I’m hosting SNL, and I am so gay, dude.”

The middle section of the skit, in which Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant do their best to impress Stewart with how cool they are, suffers from having to follow the inherent bizarreness of Trump’s Robert Pattinson thing. But Stewart, after a series of jokes about not really being as hardcore as her reputation, managed to out-hardcore everyone by violating the Federal Communications Commission’s rules on “Obscene, Indecent, and Profane Broadcasts.” Yeah: She said a bad word on live television.

NBC may be able to take some consolation in the fact that Stewart was moved to profanity only when trying to describe how awesome it was to host Saturday Night Live. “I totally care that I’m here, because it’s the coolest fucking thing ever—oh!—and I’m sorry, and Alessia Cara is also here, and I’ll never come back.” Picking a fight with the president of the United States and the FCC in a single Saturday Night Live monologue: That’s pretty fucking cool.