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A Very Pregnant Beyoncé Gave the Performance of a Goddess at the Grammy Awards

After the initial shock that Queen B is currently incubating not one, but two babies, wore off, the first thing many fans wondered was: Is she going to show up to headline Coachella in April?

The answer was yes—because it’s Beyoncé, and she is a legend who defies nature—and now we have a better sense of what that Coachella performance might look like. At the Grammy Awards Sunday evening, she appeared looking typically divine, adorned with goddesslike imagery and many, many more flower arrangements. She began with some vivid visuals reminiscent of her 2011 performance at the American Music Awards, with a projection of multiple Beyoncés (and Blue Ivies), and soon, the real, very pregnant diva appeared, singing Lemonade ballads “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles,” flanked by dancers and Inception-like reclining wooden chairs.

Beyoncé appeared to channel a hodgepodge of religious iconography—including multi-armed deities and Renaissance art. It was beautiful, majestic, and every bit as Beyoncé as one would expect. And of course, through it all, the twins were already killing it from the womb: