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White House Correspondent Seth Meyers Grills Donald Trump, Gets Much More Honest Answers

Donald Trump used his latest bizarre press conference on Thursday as another chance to critique the media rather than answer any actual questions about his increasingly frightening administration. Fortunately, the newest member of the White House press corps, Late Night host Seth Meyers, already has a knack for getting Donald Trump to tell the truth—with help from a little editing magic, that is.

Perfectly pairing his queries with sound bites from the actual press conference, Meyers quizzes the president on everything from assembling IKEA furniture (“That will be one of the great cabinets assembled”) to his inevitable meltdown (“That starts early next week”). He even got in a dig at Trump’s well-known admiration for—and ignorance about—Frederick Douglass.

But the most damning moments for the president didn’t even require any editing magic—Trump’s terrifying comments about nuclear weapons speak for themselves.