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The Oscars Did a Special Edition of Mean Tweets, and the Miles Teller Burn Was Perfect

Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t about to host the Oscars without including a special awards-themed edition of his famed Mean Tweets, with A-listers bemusedly reading insults targeted squarely at them, before an audience of millions. Below, a sampling:

“Oh, look at me … I’m Ryan Gosling. I have perfect bone structure and fine eyes. Go **** yourself Ryan Gosling.”

“Are we all just ignoring the fact that Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne have the same face?”

“Lin-Manuel Miranda looks like he’s getting a 1996 NBC sitcom with his haircut.” (Miranda, good sport that he is, did not appear to disagree with this.)

“Emma Stone looks like she plays a crack whore in every role she plays.”

“Miles Teller has the face of a guy who would request Gangnam Style at a wedding where he doesn’t know either the bride or groom.”

Kudos to @Josh for really nailing Miles Teller.

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