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Kellyanne Conway Goes Fatal Attraction on Jake Tapper on Saturday Night Live

Comparing anyone to Glenn Close’s character in Fatal Attraction is a nuclear option—Close’s murderous scorned woman is a genre unto itself—but Saturday Night Live went there this week, sending Kellyanne Conway to Jake Tapper’s house after CNN passed on having her as a guest. It’s hardly the first time Kate McKinnon’s take on Conway has been unflattering and creepy (see last month’s Chicago spoof for one of many examples), but Fatal Attraction feels like a point of no return. Of course, inventing the Bowling Green Massacre before breaking the law to hawk Ivanka Trump’s clothes feels like a point of no return, too, so maybe we should just call it even.

Besides, as vicious as the sketch’s version of Conway is, it’s even crueler to Jake Tapper and CNN. Conway’s line about the way cable news thrives on the drama she provides has the ring of truth to it, as does her amateur psychoanalysis of news anchors:

I don’t do this for me. I do it for you. You need me. You need to press me. … You need to reach inside me and you need to pull out the truth. You’re a hunter, Jake! You don’t want the truth to land at your feet, you want to chase it.

The best joke wasn’t about Conway or Tapper or Trump at all, though. At the end of the sketch, Conway falls to her death and revives in a bit that is clearly inspired by this scene from Death Becomes Her:

Which doesn’t star Glenn Close at all but the actress she’s often confused with, Meryl Streep. To help you keep them straight, here’s Close in Fatal Attraction: