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Foreign Titles for The Last Jedi Finally Settle the “Singular or Plural” Debate

At last, Disney has put the galaxy’s largest “singular or plural?” question to rest. In January, the studio revealed that the title of Star Wars: Episode VIII would be The Last Jedi, sparking a debate (à la The Last Samurai) about whether the word Jedi is meant to be singular or plural in this instance.

On Friday we got our answer, thanks to the official French Star Wars Twitter account, which divulged the French title of the film:

Les Derniers Jedi uses the plural form of “Last,” making it indisputable: The Last Jedi definitely refers to multiple Jedi. Other offical foreign accounts soon also posted titles in their languages, all using plural pronouns, in case there was any remaining doubt.

Now the question we’re left with is: Who are the last Jedi? Luke, the only Jedi we know is left alive, and Rey, who we can assume will become his pupil? Does the title also refer to Finn, who showed some signs that he might be Force sensitive? Will Kylo Ren, who once trained as a Jedi, return to the Light side? Are there others?

We may have to wait until Dec. 15 to know for sure.