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How Slate Responded to Moonlight’s Shocking Best Picture Win

Actors Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty speak onstage during the Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on Feb. 26 in Hollywood, California.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

At 12:10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, the Slate culture team was engaged in a lukewarm Slack conversation about La La Land’s Best Picture victory. At 12:11 a.m., the tone of that conversation changed.

Willa Paskin [12:11 AM]: wait what

Jeffrey Bloomer [12:11 AM]: What

Marissa Martinelli [12:11 AM]: What is happening

David Canfield [12:11 AM]: what

Matthew Dessem [12:11 AM]: Are you kidding me?

Heather Schwedel [12:11 AM]: WHATTTTT


Dan Kois [12:11 AM]: uh whaaaaaat

Willa Paskin [12:11 AM]: holy shit

Dan Kois [12:11 AM]: what

Dan Kois [12:11 AM]: what

Jeffrey Bloomer [12:11 AM]: Holy shit

Dan Kois [12:11 AM]: what

Dan Kois [12:11 AM]: what

Matthew Dessem [12:11 AM]: Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeffrey Bloomer [12:11 AM]: omg

Forrest Wickman [12:11 AM]: WHAT

Marissa Martinelli [12:11 AM]: Has this ever happened

Marissa Martinelli [12:11 AM]: Ever

Aisha Harris [12:11 AM]: WAIT

Aisha Harris [12:11 AM]: WTF

David Canfield [12:11 AM]: oh

Jacob Brogan [12:11 AM]: Wtf

David Canfield [12:11 AM]: my

David Canfield [12:11 AM]: god

Heather Schwedel [12:11 AM]: WTF

Jacob Brogan [12:11 AM]: Wtf

Willa Paskin [12:11 AM]: oh no

Forrest Wickman [12:11 AM]: HOLY SHIT

Jacob Brogan [12:11 AM]: What

Allison Benedikt [12:11 AM]: !!

Aisha Harris [12:11 AM]: HOLY FUCK

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