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The Honest Trailer for the Oscars Imagines What Trump Would Tweet About the Best Picture Nominees

It’s almost that time of year again, when west coast elites with unpronounceable names compete for Hollywood’s highest honor and trick us all into watching. With nine Best Picture nominees at this year’s Academy Awards, it can be hard to keep track of them all, which is why the team at Screen Junkies took them on collectively in their latest Honest Trailer.

Will Manchesta by the Feckin’ Sea, whose hot-headed main character isn’t too much of a stretch for Casey Affleck, take the night’s top honor? What about Hidden Figures, which made a special effort to appease white guilt by having Kevin Costner take a sledgehammer to segregation? Surely not Hell or High Water, “a film that’s so entertaining, straightforward, and unpretentious that it has no chance of actually winning Best Picture.”

The truth is, it seems like nothing can beat La La Land, and Screen Junkies know it. “The academy just can’t resist a movie about how special the movies are, can they?” But since the one certainty of the Oscars this year is that it will be full of anti-Trump speeches, the video does let the president get a word in here, which should be a good primer for the actual, inevitable tweetstorm to follow Sunday night’s ceremony.