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Seth Meyers Wants You to Stop Talking About Trump’s Anti-Celebrity Tweets, Focus on His Pro-Russia Tweets

The results are in: Donald Trump’s first week of 2017 was just as strange, unsettling, and distracting as the year that came before it. The president-elect celebrated the new year by consuming himself with the happy news of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s commercially disappointing Celebrity Apprentice premiere and then moved on to the powerful speech Meryl Streep delivered Sunday night in opposition to him. Once again, the tweets were flying, news channels were obsessively covering, and the think pieces on whether or not Trump’s hate-watching was calculated and worth talking about were rolling in.

On Monday night, Seth Meyers cautioned against giving Trump’s petty scandals the attention they beg for. “Whether these tweets are calculated distractions or just the ramblings of an unhinged narcissist,” Meyers explained, “it’s clear Trump would much rather talk about his feud with Meryl Streep than, say, the fact that intelligence officials believe Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign to help Trump win the election.” Meyers makes a good point, and best of all, it won’t take much effort at all to redirect our focus: Really, we still don’t even have to look beyond Trump’s Twitter feed for the relatively severe stuff.