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Donald Trump Unleashes a Golden Stream of Laughter in the SNL Cold Open

Saturday Night Live took on Trump’s disaster of a press conference this week, and naturally the best jokes came from the president-elect’s alleged “Russian Pee Pee Party.” Any opportunity to string together a bunch of pee jokes is a good one, but so many unbelievable things happened during that press conference that the show ended up skipping from one “unpresidented” fiasco to another without ever really plumbing the depths of any of them.

But the thing about Trump’s press conference is it happened on Wednesday, which already feels like about a thousand years ago. Things are moving at the pace of Trump’s attention span, too quickly for even a live show to keep up with. No satirist could have predicted the president-elect would spend the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. Day claiming John Lewis was “all talk,” but that’s the world we’re living in as of Saturday. This is the problem with jokes about Trump: Saturday Night Live has only an hour and a half, minus commercials, to catch up with an entire week’s worth of fiascos, outrages, and creeping (bounding, really) fascism. It’s just not enough time.