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Saturday Night Live Lets You See What’s Going On in Kellyanne Conway’s Head (It’s a Musical)

Saturday Night Live has consistently done its best work on Trump and his circle when the writers dive into surrealism and dream logic, and this week was no exception. A sketch that opened like typical SNL fare—Kellyanne Conway is interviewed by Jake Tapper, in a sketch where Kate McKinnon’s imitation of Conway is the main attraction—turned into something more interesting. Asked what she got out of working for Trump, Conway suddenly transitioned the interview to a musical number.

And not just any musical number: She’s singing a Conway-ified version of “Roxie” from Chicago. McKinnon and whoever directed this segment did a pretty good job duplicating the film—not quite Jimmy Fallon–level but good. And once again, coming at a Trump acolyte from the most bizarre angle anyone in the writer’s room could dream up—let’s meticulously restage a Rob Marshall movie that everyone’s politely forgotten about!—turned out to be the secret to really getting into Conway’s head. A tinhorn con artist dreaming of being a different tinhorn con artist, with choreography by Rob Marshall—that’s about right.

If for some reason you haven’t seen Chicago since it won six Oscars back in 2003 (Really! Including Best Picture!), here’s the original version of the song: