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Rachel Bloom Gives Motherhood a Bruno Mars–Style Remix in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s “So Maternal”

“Relax, ladies, give your babies/ to a Carol Brady–level matriarch.”

Still taken from the video

The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returned from its midseason hiatus on Friday with its heroine, Rebecca Bunch (Golden Globes sandwich-eater Rachel Bloom) desperately trying to break her old patterns. She got the chance to make that happen when Paula became desperately in need of a babysitter for son Tommy so that she could go on a trip for law school and Rebecca stepped in in an attempt to make up for past selfishness. This being Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, that means we also got a song! In the Bruno Mars–inspired “I’m So Maternal,” a pompadoured Rebecca makes parenting look effortless, largely because she has absolutely no idea what she’s doing.

Unsurprisingly, Rebecca approaches childminding with the same arrogance she apples to other areas of her life. “You are one of the most incredible moms I have ever seen,” says the host of the parenting podcast (comedian Jamie Denbo) in Rebecca’s fantasy, “even though you don’t have any children, and you’ve only been babysitting for less than an hour.” But Rebecca soon learns that being the “Mr. Mom” to Paula’s Actual Mom will require more than serving up tortilla-wrapped bananas. (It was fun watching her try to breast-feed her backup dancers, though.)

This week was a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend double-header, which meant even more music than usual, including Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III)’s inarticulate pop revelation “Duh” and a decidedly unromantic reprise of season one’s “West Covina.” There was also a cute, self-aware ditty that questioned the wisdom of introducing a new character—Scott Michael Foster, as a villain whose handsomeness is fodder for some more great meta-humor—so late in the season: