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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Long-Awaited “Period Sex” Video Is Finally Here, and It Does Not Disappoint

Check out this flow.

Still taken from the video

The best running gag of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s second season by far has been the promise of “Period Sex,” the song that is instantly cut off every time someone so much as hums a few bars:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend producer Aline Brosh McKenna had previously warned that though the show has been teasing the ditty all season, they couldn’t really debut it on the CW because it’s “actually one of the filthiest things ever.” But that hasn’t stopped Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star and creator Rachel Bloom from finally releasing the full music video for “Period Sex” online, where fans can bask in all of its messy glory.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has always embraced the not-so-sexy aspects of sex—after all, this is the same show that has also memorialized urinary tract infections and the risks of sexually transmitted diseases in song. But with lyrics like “it must be summer ‘cause we’re gonna slip and slide,” “Period Sex,” a celebration of just that, might just be the most deliciously crude tune Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has ever put out. And it’s educational, too! “Period sex, period sex/ It’s a little gross, but I’m less/ Likely to get pregnant during/ Period sex, period sex.”