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President Obama’s “Anger Translator” Returns for One Last, Satisfying Rant About Trump

The Obama administration is coming to an end, and while there are already plenty of reasons to be sad about that, here’s one more: It means that Obama’s “anger translator,” Luther, will be out of a job. The character, who says what the famously calm, collected Obama is “really” thinking, was a favorite on the now-departed Key & Peele and was last seen interpreting for the real President Obama at the 2015 White House Correspondents Dinner. On The Daily Show Thursday night, Keegan-Michael Key revived Luther for one last rant, with comedy partner Jordan Peele reprising his role as the president.


Peele’s Obama began the address with a warning for Luther to be on his best behavior, which lasted only a few seconds before the outbursts began about (who else?) President-elect Donald Trump. “I have greatly enjoyed my time as president,” said Obama. (Translation: “Except when Republicans wouldn’t let me do shit, and then that one dude said I wasn’t born here and then y’all elected him!”) “If [Trump] succeeds, we all succeed,” continued the president. (Translation: “Unless he succeeds with all the shit he promises to succeed with. In which case, we’re fucked.”)

The new sketch was written by Jay Martel, an executive producer on Key & Peele who wrote Luther-on-Trump as part of his personal postelection catharsis. Our president-elect, of course, needs no anger translator. He has Twitter.