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Even the Honest Trailer for The Princess Bride Gushes About The Princess Bride, Because This Movie Is Practically Perfect

The Princess Bride is a comedy classic for a reason. The movie, based on William Goldman’s novel of the same name, has endured since its 1987 release and most recently found its way into the National Film Registry. And that’s no accident, as Screen Junkies’ newest Honest Trailer reminds us, because the film is “a satire of all those sappy, swashbuckling medieval love stories—that happens to be the best sappy, swashbuckling medieval love story ever made.”

Most Honest Trailers mercilessly expose a movie’s flaws, but this one is more of a celebration of all the things that make Princess Bride great, like its extremely polite sword fights or the fact that it has a catchphrase for every occasion. Even the digs at its crappy sets, cheesy music, and obvious stunt doubles aren’t blasphemous, because (as everyone knows) they’re some of the best parts.

And while we’re being honest … we’d still watch this “action/romance/comedy/drama/kids movie for adults,” even if Peter Falk did dub the whole thing.